CCL Solutions has extensive experience of working in partnership with various organisations – including Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), NHS trusts, community healthcare, schools and private organisations – to address these changing needs through a diverse range of project and consulting services. We can help you deliver outstanding capital and organisational change projects from conception to completion. These span refurbishment, new-build, expansion and relocation schemes – plus the transformation and integration of service delivery.

Some other projects include:

• Asset management and space utilisation commission for Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust
• Project Lead for a Feasibility Study to develop an 44 bed Mental Health Facility
• Feasibility Study/Estates Plan for delivery of a new Health centre in Barrow-in-Furness
• Project Manager for an outpatient and community team centre in St Helens
• Project Manager on a Procure 21 Mental Health Project in Cumbria
• Business Case development for a Mental Health in-patient Unit
• Estates Rationalisation Plan for Cumbria Partnership Foundation Trust covering over 130 properties across 5 Localities.
• Project Manager for SPV ono Knowsley Schools BSF Scheme, responsible for delivering 7 additional projects
• Bid Management on a number of Procure 21 hospital bids
• Bid/Commercial Management on the Procure 21 + framework bid
• SPV Interim Project Manager on £180 Million Northern Batch PFI hospitals
• Defects Management on Blackburn PFI hospital
• Procurement and delivery of a modular building on Birmingham Schools BSF project for the SPV