The Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre, Hull – Ray’s story

Published on Oct 24, 2018 –

Ray Eshelby was one of the first patients at the Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre (ICC) in May 2018. Prior to his appointment at the Centre he had been housebound with a number of long term health problems that had left him at a very low point in his life.

The Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre is a totally different way of caring for patients. A member of the ICC team visits the patient in their own home to undertake an assessment and identify issues that the patient wishes to discuss with the team when they attend the ICC. These issues often range from concerns about their health, social interaction or anything they are struggling with. Not only does this help the patient and carer understand what to expect at the ICC but it also helps us identify which members of the team they need to see.

Ray was visited by team member Wayne at home to discuss his medical and non-medical needs before his visit so that his morning at the ICC could be planned well. Initially Ray was anxious about his visit but he was able to see a number of specialist and therapy services, including geriatrician Dr Dan Harman who reviewed his medication.

Meeting Ray’s medical needs was only half of the story – he already had a manual wheelchair, but it was too heavy for Val to push up and down the ramp built by the Council, effectively confining him to the house. Staff at the ICC were able to fast-track a new electric wheelchair.

Now on better medication and with an electric wheelchair, Ray was more confident leave his house, and he was able spend time in East Park, with Val, in the Hull neighbourhood that they had lived in all their lives.

Sadly Ray died in September but his wife Val has given her blessing for the film to be shown

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